Friday, May 3, 2013

Paper Goods and Window Displays

Summer being right around the corner I'm inspired by all of the blooming flowers.
To celebrate the season change I created a few new floral pieces to bid winter adieu! 

Salon NESOU in Santa Monica is one of the leading taste makers in hair and fashion industry on the westside. Between their involvement with updated trends and advance educational courses, no wonder their staff participates in events like NewYork Fashion Week and other LA red carpeted events.

More importantly NESOU is an environment filled with an engaging group of artistic individuals who simply put adore what they do. The goal here is to guide individuals to play and discover a look that reflects the way they feel on the inside. NESOU is a community of laid back fashion forward artists. Here is the website to NESOU. I redesigned their website and took majority of all of the photography.

CONCEPT: My goal was to create a tagline that reflected the salon's aesthetic and the season. "NESOU Loves Santa Monica." A short and sweet sentence that gets to the point that the city is not only NESOU home but the staff here helps to creates that culture. With Spring and Summer being one of the dominant seasons for weddings, the window display had to reflect those values of togetherness and rebirth. Essentially the display is a romantic picture frame or wedding invitation. I designed a 3D floral frame made 100% out of paper. To give the appearance that the frame is floating I used 5 invisible fishing lines. With the remaining flowers I staggered them in the far left window to give the display a more cohesive look.

After I designed the display I assembled a team of five stylists to help execute the production of this piece.Special thanks to: Marcus Hoey, Katie Chandler, Lawrence Gonzales, Jessica Lyu and Taylor Hood.

DETAILS: 8ft x 5 ft  / paper window display

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