Monday, May 13, 2013

Head Shots: Thi Nguyen

Yesterday my dear friend Thi and I decided to have a photo shoot. As an L.A. based actress our goal was to capture 5 new looks in a one day shoot. A little ambitious perhaps but luckily for us this was not our first time prepping for a photo project. You can find more information about Thi here:


Working and helping your friends accomplish their goals is a gift in itself. No one can accomplish large projects by themselves. This shoot was the second and we both observed our personal growth as a model and as a photographer. We completed our shoot within a more efficient time frame and larger variety of looks.

One particular memorable moment was on on third look - "hipster look". At first I began art directing Thi. I would communicate to her how she was photographing. "Your chin is a bit to high" or "can you turn your body more?" I would say with the additional "Be sure to relax and shake out you body." The point is to make your model feel comfortable and let them know how they come across in a shot.

After 5 mins of directing we stopped talking to each other. This is what I call flowing. Flowing is when you give your model the permission to get into their characters and the photographer becomes invisible. Thi got to do what she does best which is act and I basically follow her lead. Once I felt she was in the right pose I would snap and then so on and so forth. In my opinion the best images are always the candid ones. If you allow people to be natural and play your images will capture with that authentic energy.

As someone who personally take photos almost every day with instagram. I admit that the best way to become a strong photographer is to do what Annie Leibovitz says "Take a ton of photos, know how to edit and it's about the story/series." You can find her interview here.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the shoot. I hope you enjoy them.
Thi Nguyen - Los Angeles Actress 
Shot #1: Hipster/Artists Look



Color Correction - Use your Curves RGB palette in Photoshop. It give you more control than Color Correction in Adjustments. Make sure you are using RGB for web and CMYK for print. 

Shot #2: Sport/Athletic Look

Actress/Model: Thi Nguyen
Wardrobe Styling, Hair and Makeup, Photographer/ Art Direction and Edits: Krista Turner
Special Thanks to: Jaemin Yi and the overcast Venice, California Weather.

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