Thursday, September 26, 2013

Music is Art

I finally feel settled in the Bay area. With all of the hustle and bustle that comes attached to moving, it's comforting to know my music and art help me retain my sanity.
I can not believe I am actually going to be say this but I actually miss the tedious production of creating a mix CD. My last automobile was a 2000 Nissan Altima that was completely devoid of any AUX jax. Therefore the previous 10 years of owning the vehicle I was a prisoner to my CD player. I was reduced to these bulky tangible discs that would create nothing but clutter and distress to my life. Oh man! The griefs of skipping a songs due to a tiny little scratch. A scratch created none other than a fellow CD member! Overall I am grateful I experienced the frustrations of that terrible bebop system. In the end it only made me a better producer. 

Since listening to the radio was to repetitive and adolescent for my taste, I developed skills on how to produce a timeless mixed album. When I began my first mixing endeavors during high school I would create mixes very carelessly. As time went by my expendable time became limited and I based my mixes on emotions opposed to trends and fads. 

After selling my automobile ("VanilliaBean" you were a fabulous 2000 Nissan Alitma and I will never forget you.) in December of last year it has been about 10 months since I created a playlist. All of my friends encourage me to open a Spotify account. I have my reason for being anti Spotify but happy to announce my very first Soundcloud playlist.

Without further adieu here is my first online playlist. It's a compilation of tracks from the past 5 years that best describe my vision of a future romance. I am envisioning a dark and deep sexy adventure. The other day my co worker commented that my music reminds him of ambiance porno music. #fml.

Soundcloud allows you to import your own album cover art for playlists create. Immediately, I began rummaging through my instagram. Below is an image that spoke to me about my new beginnings in the Bay area. 

I took this image on my way to my first interview in the city. It felt appropriate that I use this image to represent the first of many new playlist to come. 

I manipulated the image to represent this concept: a square peg can not fit inside a circular hole. Magic occurs when everything flows and fits together perfectly. 
Soundcloud Playlist Title: Cheers to the Imaginary Love of my Life