Thursday, December 4, 2008

sk8 day

Lately I have been tired of painting and doing my small books. Forrest and I went to the Culver City skate park and I took some photos of him tearing it up. I also played around with some filters in photoshop. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

San Joaquin Valley

This is the final spread I did for my Integrated Learning class. It's about the lack of identity and disconnect that consumers have with the people who actually pick, package and ship our produce. With the lack of disconnection these people are further suppressed. 

First Draft

Final Layout

I "want" to be bad

Newest project. Inside small cover of"I want to be bad" I am redoing the inside pages. But it's a story about a girl living in suburbia and she trying to be bad. I guess annoyed by the cookie cuter lifestyle. 

Holiday Card

I designed this holiday card. It would sick if we could actually letter press this card.


For thesis my group did a project on design using sustainability. Erica, Zach and I collaborated on these little sustainable books/keepsakes for our class. On recycled paper, hand set type with soy ink here is our final product. 

"A dripping tap wastes at least 5,500 liters of water a year."

"Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth- A running faucet wastes over 6 liters per minuet."

"Unplug electronics and other equipment when not in use. If all Californians unplugged electronics when not in use. it would be like taking 120,000 cars off the road."

it's all h2o

Book a week: It's all h2o. Bottled water is expensive. If only drinking fountains were more appealing we would probably save more money. 

1. book made from one piece of paper.


Here are some of the original pages from my book fall. 
I have been making a lot of small graphic books lately. These small books have been inspiring me to make some larger paintings. Can't wait to get started. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I wanted to show how the accordion book can be read in two different perspectives. You can look at the publication one as a book and the other as one large spread. 

When you read the book at flip pages I did the spreads in pairs where the color pallet matches.Enjoy.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Integrated Learning Thanks Sammy and Marlena

Integrated Learning San Joaquin Valley Laton, California.

Romina and I signed up for the San Joaquin Valley IL class. This class was amazing thanks to Marela Donahue (Art Historian), Sammy Flores Pena (Anthropologist) and all of the students (especially the seniors because we killed it.)
The class was an introduction to fieldwork. One of the graduate students suggested this program to our teachers at Otis because she was born and raised in
Laton. Chelo's goal was to return the visual arts back into her community.
We went the San Joaquin Valley because it is one of the major "bread baskets" in California. Being one of the main suppliers of produce and dairy we wanted to learn the community's struggles and achievements. We discovered that the farmers are greatly suffering because they are not getting enough recognition for the work that they do. 

Farmers are being under paid and unappreciated. With the no child left behind act there is a huge emphasis on teaching main courses like math and reading. Although, school administrators do not make the correlation between art and science. That everything is intertwined. Most importantly the benefits that art has a on a community. Their school systems are not receiving enough funding for extra curricular activities. Therefore programs like art, drama, music etc is being cut.

Marlena said that if nothing else was to be accomplished that if we could see a change of awareness and thinking within ourselves that would be a well worth trip.
As seniors we interviewed the community trying to learn their history and emphasis how important
Laton was even though many of them didn't think so. It was wonderful actually connecting with the people face to face. Unfortunately we did not get an idea of all of the social classes in Laton. We were mostly interviewing middle class/ working class citizens. We were told that if we went into the working fields we would endanger the people's jobs or worse be shot... righttt so at the end we did get a few people who worked in the fields interviews. Marlena and Sammy had us all work in groups to put together to create a book about the histories and lives of the people in Laton. We were put in four groups of four to three. Each group created a proposals of what some families that represented stories essential to Laton culture. It was nice to see the different visual interpretations of how we thought the pages should look like.

Each day was intense. We woke up around 7:00am interview sessions, then lecture, and discussion about interviews and lecture with Sammy and Marlena, reflections at an abandoned Protestant church with the graduate students and juniors, more lecture from Laton administrators, dinner, homework to at least 1:00am.

This was an amazing opportunity and I'm glad I was able to be apart of it.

 These were just some of the examples of the pages we did for our final project. Our team consisted of a Beth(fine artist), Taryn (graphic designer) and Romina and I (Illustrators) We all contributed a little bit of everything. Beth really helped with the theory,Romina, Taryn and I did a lot of the designing and the image work. Our idea was to make the pages look like a sketch book.1

At the Lions club an hour away from setting up the final show. Thanks to Daniel we were able to print out all of our work.

Friday morning of the show. We all pulled an all nighter to get the work done.

Farmers Market!

In Exter before Laton for Lunch.

These were some sketches I did while we interviewed some of the local teachers and farmers.

While Sammy was lecturing... notes on Hegemony and Ethnography