Saturday, December 25, 2010


Threadless Love Submission 

I revamped a design/illustrations of mine to fit the love theme for Threadless' LOVE contest. Threadless Love Submission 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Catch and Release

I had my first solo show ever. On Saturday Nov 27th 2010 was the reception and I entitled the show "Catch and Release" at the Karman Orange Gallery Santa Ana, CA 


True Affection Floats 1 

True Affection Floats 2

Cast Away 1

Cast Away 2

Catch and Release was inspired by the ideas of casual relationships/flings. 
The images evironment take place at a lake. Water is a sense of purity and a lake is one of those rare bodies of water that is placid and just filthy. The images are ment to work together and as seperates. Together each piece has an equal (ying and a yang)  but each character plays on the idea of isolation so with space and placement the meaning changes. 

Special Thanks to John Lai, Phillip Woo and all my friends who either helped to set up or just to enjoy the show. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fountain Side Arts

I branded a logo and business card for Fountain Side Arts a small up and coming gallery in Fountain Hills Arizona. Learning how to educate and encourage clients to be more cautious and intentional with their choices is always interesting.

I think teaching in a way always make me a better designer because you have to explain why you choose is successful. Expressing your thoughts out loud always helps me understand my decisions better.
Special thanks to Taryn Hiroshima. Thanks for all of your lovely advice.

Final Picks
Some illustrative logo explorations
A worthy exploration
Some logo explorations

Jam Session

I was commissioned to create a piece as a valentine's day gift. My client's husband Christopher Flemming works for FENDER as a guitar craftsman. He created the Tele®/Strat® Hybrid Custom Shop Guitar. I drew the family playing together on stage. With a little research on Fender and help from the great Nathan Ota here is the end result.