Friday, January 9, 2009

Typography 3: Wave Book

Type III

We were given a project to design a book given a single word. My word was WAVE and Icreated a 107 page book with articles and stories related to  major world known genocide events. My book depicts the feeling of waves movements. 

Manifesto: Destruction, power, repetition and purification are the actions but the results are life changing. fascinated with the history I wanted to explore a topic that related the physical characteristics produced by physical water waves. Waves like genocide are destructive, cleansing, repetitive and powerful. Theses are the aspects of wave. They surround the bodies of land in out small planet and affect us all no matter your location. The politics of human/civil rights of different societies is challenged by the idea of ethnic cleansing. I wanted to discuss the waves of genocide through the story-telling of how we are all affected by the endless wave of limited thinking. 

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