Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer contuined

This Summer has been really crazy working at one time four jobs. At one point I was working for gallery, a marketing firm, school and corporate.

it was a good opportunity to see how fast pace things move and what exactly type of work they do. It was interesting because all of the guidelines are figured out for you. How big this logo is allowed to look on mailers versus a catalogue or what color palette you can use of GbyGUESS line versus the Marciano by GUESS. Since GUESS is an international corporation you had to be careful with using the guidelines versus GUESS China to GUESS Paris etc. It was nice working in the advertisement department. I worked for the graphic department and modeling area. I was scheduling shoots, picking models, preparing the clothes etc. In the graphic dept I got to make mailers, I worked on an ad the NY Times, giftcards, loyalty cards and other small projects. As helpful as the job was it was pretty intense. No one really talked to each other. It was all business.
Here is one of the designs I summit ed to be turned into a gift card. There is a G charm that is diacutted in the white circle area.

This was one of the catalogues I got to go on the print check for. Print checks are the best.

A marketing firm in Venice that helps to promote clients receive more awareness about their product. We do all of their identity (business cards, logos, websites, etc.) I collaborated with Sean on a project for Tarah Smith bags. It was fun working at the marketing firm because I strictly worked as a commercial illustrator. I did a lot of sketching and painting. On the Tarah Smith bag we talked about how she wanted to change her image. Her old image was extremely corporate and so what we wanted to do was make her image more bohemian and natural. Sean designed a lot of the insides and I painted a lot of images for her website, look book, pamphlets, website. There were other projects but this was my favorite one. Special thanks to In and Out. I stole all their salt to use on the watercolor.

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