Monday, April 1, 2013

Brainstorming Back to Basics: Stationery Project 101

This year I am going to be launching my own stationery line!
Big news right?! I couldn't be more happy to announce this exciting news to the world.
I have assembled my team of friends, supporters, mentors, and my courage.

Even though most of the work is done. In terms of marketing and branding I still feel light years away from completion. I spoke with my dear friend Danielle over at TALLWORKS today and she said beginning at the basics is the best way to start fresh.

Today I am working on a new name and playing around with the feel and look of my personal aesthetic. Here are some mood boards that I worked on today to grasp inspiration.

When I begin any creative process I would say mood boards and bubble graphs are a great way to cultivate new ideas. I also agree with Danielle by trying to be as specific as possible and avoiding words like "good" or "cool" the less specific the more you tend to remain in limbo.

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