Saturday, November 15, 2008

San Joaquin Valley

This is the final spread I did for my Integrated Learning class. It's about the lack of identity and disconnect that consumers have with the people who actually pick, package and ship our produce. With the lack of disconnection these people are further suppressed. 

First Draft

Final Layout

I "want" to be bad

Newest project. Inside small cover of"I want to be bad" I am redoing the inside pages. But it's a story about a girl living in suburbia and she trying to be bad. I guess annoyed by the cookie cuter lifestyle. 

Holiday Card

I designed this holiday card. It would sick if we could actually letter press this card.


For thesis my group did a project on design using sustainability. Erica, Zach and I collaborated on these little sustainable books/keepsakes for our class. On recycled paper, hand set type with soy ink here is our final product. 

"A dripping tap wastes at least 5,500 liters of water a year."

"Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth- A running faucet wastes over 6 liters per minuet."

"Unplug electronics and other equipment when not in use. If all Californians unplugged electronics when not in use. it would be like taking 120,000 cars off the road."

it's all h2o

Book a week: It's all h2o. Bottled water is expensive. If only drinking fountains were more appealing we would probably save more money. 

1. book made from one piece of paper.


Here are some of the original pages from my book fall. 
I have been making a lot of small graphic books lately. These small books have been inspiring me to make some larger paintings. Can't wait to get started.